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How Inactivity Changes Your Brain

    Activity is good for your health. Period. Here at Mecca Integrated Medical Center, we have written about how exercise can help ease arthritis pain, how walking can keep back pain at bay, and taking breaks at work make you healthier. By now, you are educated and know that you should be moving daily. […]

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Women’s Health Back Pain Exercises

We care about your back — we care about how the back pain can effect what you can and cannot do daily, such as lift up your kids or unload the groceries. We also care that when your back is strong and healthy you can rake the leaves or sit to watch an entire television […]

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Correct Running Posture

  Woohoo, we have progressed in our outlines of correct posture to running! Did everyone notice that we were gaining speed through the activites? I thought you would all like that. Listen, when it comes to running, everyone has there own rhythm and stance. Everyone has seen the Friends episode where Phoebe schools Rachel in running like […]

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Correct Walking Posture

  This blog seems pretty straight forward -right? How to walk? I bet you are saying, come on – I have been walking for quite a long time, on my own no less, thank you very much. But here’s the thing. Besides the basic, put one foot in front of the other, there is actually […]

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The Culprits of Back Pain – Part Four

Culprit #4- Extra Pounds Over the past few weeks, our blog posts have been identifying the various culprits of back pain… culprits that you may not have thought about before. The first three posts labeled some of the offenders as being your office chair, your shoes, and your smart phone. This week, we are going to […]

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