Low Back Pain Corporate Workshop

Mecca Integrated Medical Center

Low-Back-Pain-Workshop-Corporate-WorkshopLow Back Pain is an absolute epidemic in our society. Some interesting statistics include:

• Low back pain is the #1 cause for disability in the US.
• Over 140 million work days missed annually.
• At any given time, over 31 million individuals are suffering from with low back pain
• Over 80% of the population will experience LBP at some time in their lives.
• Sadly, recent studies show that 24% of children are also experiencing low back pain.

Benefits of this workshop:

Attendees will learn

• The Anatomy, Physiology and Terminology of LBP
• Common trigger point locations
• Your posture’s role in pain
• Safe lifting and workplace ergonomics
• Exercises and stretches that can help with pain

This workshop is ideal for a company with a warehouse, or employees that tend to perform manual work as part of their job description, as such labor is a huge factor in back pain. Conversely, this is also good for companies where the employees sit at their desks all day. This is also a factor in lower back pain.