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Patients referred to Mecca Integrated Medical Center will initially undergo a comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation by an osteopathic physician, chiropractor, and physical therapist. Based on the findings, an individualized treatment program including a combination of physical therapy, decompression therapy, as well as more conventional chiropractic care will be tailored to meet your patient’s needs.

If clinically warranted, patients may also be evaluated by our neurologists and EMG testing will be performed, if indicated. Similarly, epidurals and other minimally invasive pain management treatments will be offered by our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician, should a patient fail more conservative therapy. At all times, the referring doctor will be kept completely aware of his or her patient’s progress and recommendations via consult notes and re-examinations. Mecca Integrated Medical Center will truly provide a comprehensive, non-surgical, multi-disciplinary approach for your patients suffering from back and neck pain.