Peak Energy Performance Corporate Workshop

Mecca Integrated Medical Center

Peak-Energy-Performance-Corporate-WorkshopIf you find that you are lacking the amount of energy that you need to get through the day, then the Peak Energy Solution lecture is geared towards you!

Benefits of this workshop:

There are 7 specific changes; some very simple and other more complex, that each person must incorporate into their lifestyle in order to have the ability to function at their Peak Energy.

The 7 Steps for Peak Energy:

# Step 1: Portioned Eating

# Step 2: Water Intake

# Step 3: Supplements

# Step 4: Rest

# Step 5: Stress Reduction

# Step 6: Stretching

# Step 7: Time Management

This workshop benefits employees of any type of business, whether you spend all day at your desk, drive around the state in your car, perform manual labor, or stand on your feet all day. This is a great follow-up lecture to the Stress Management workshop.