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Neurology in Fairfield

Fairfield NeurologyComprehensive Nuerological Evaluation in Fairfield: One of the most integral components of the assessment performed at Mecca Integrated Medical Center, the neurological evaluation provides invaluable information to our chiropractor and physical therapist enabling them to individualize a patient’s treatment protocol. The staff will also assess and monitor the patient’s progress and the effectiveness of treatment. The staff works very closely with the other providers in the office to insure the patient is receiving the best possible care for their particular condition.

Electromyelographic Testing (EMG): The EMG is a test used for patients who are experiencing symptoms such as neck pain, low back pain, pain in the extremities, muscle weakness, soreness, fatigue, and/or weakness. The test shows any nerve injuries and disorders with 3 factors: to what extent the nerve reacts, how quickly the nerve responds, and at what speed a stimulus can travel through a nerve. The EMG provides measurable information about the integrity and function of spinal nerves. The EMG is a vital part of a patient’s evaluation at Mecca integrated Medical Center because it enables the health care professionals to construct an appropriate treatment plan that is specifically tailored for the patient. Lastly, the test helps the providers track a patients short and long term progress over the course of treatment.

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